Our story is simple, we love lavender

Lavender is as popular today as it has ever been, its natural fragrance and amazing properties are used and valued by a wide range of professions from high-end perfumers to celebrity chefs.

For those new to lavender, it has a host of wonderful properties, a lavender bag tucked under your pillow will help aid restful sleep. Popped inside a drawer, it will make clothes and bed linen smell fresh and is one of the reasons it is so widely used in washing products. In addition to its fragrant perfume dried lavender contains camphor oil, a natural chemical well known for deterring moths, simply by hanging a lavender bag in your wardrobe you will help protect treasured garments from pesky moths.

Probably the most popular use for a dried lavender within the home is as a decoration, whether it’s a dream pillow on a bedside cabinet or a decorative bag hanging on a door knob the natural calming, relaxing fragrance can be enjoyed by all.

The one question that I’m often asked is “how long will a lavender bag last?” As we only use pure lavender buds (no fillers) our dream pillows, bags and sachets should last for years, if the perfume fades just give the bag a gentle massage and the aroma will instantly be refreshed, you can do this over and over again, as each time the lavender is gently squeezed more of the scent trapped within tiny oil glands is released.

All Snow Goose products are individually handmade and filled with our own blend of British lavender buds to ensure consistency and provide a pure, long lasting fragrance.

If you love lavender then you are in the right place, happy shopping!