Lavender is one of nature’s wonders, its calming fragrance and amazing properties have been widely used for centuries. Today it’s more popular than ever for its ability to improve our wellbeing naturally.

Combined with wheat it makes the perfect filling for eye pillows and heat bags, wheat has the ability to absorb heat or cold quickly and release it evenly while lavender releases a gentle calming fragrance. Simply heat in the microwave then place on aching joints and muscles for instant relief, they work equally well across the tummy to relieve stomach cramps and menstrual pains or pop in the freezer and use as a cold compress to soothe migraines, sprains and bruises along with bringing instant relief to hot flashes during menopause. Our lavender and wheat bags are available in three sizes, all can be used for relaxation and pain relief.

EYE PILLOWS - made in one section, ideal for soothing tired eyes, heightening relaxation and bringing relief to individual joints or a hand/foot.

HEAT BAGS - made in three sections, to fit over both shoulders and across the back of the neck bringing relief to aching shoulders or wrap around a knee to ease joint pain.

LARGE HEAT BAGS - made in five sections, to fit across the tummy to ease stomach cramps or across the lower back for relaxing lumbar therapy.

Lavender products make a welcome addition to any home, we have a selection of items which are decorative and functional. Bringing lavender into the home is like bringing a little bit of nature indoors. Lavender has a natural calming fragrance and as many already know contains camphor oil (a naturally occurring substance) well known for its ability to deter pesky moths.

Being kind to the environment is part of our mission, we pride ourselves in the attention to detail we give every product, from creating unique designs and using the finest ingredients to the thoughtful way each item is packaged. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure our products are ethically produced to the highest standard. We use natural fabrics printed locally, recycled paper and bio-degradable bags sourced from like minded businesses within the UK.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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