Good Friends Lavender Dream Pillow


'Good friends are like stars - you don't always see them, but you know they're always there.' This dream pillow will make a thoughtful gift for a friend and a lovely reminder of how much you value their friendship.

Snow Goose dream pillows are ideal to place on the bed where they will look lovely and aid restful sleep by adding the natural calming aroma of lavender to your bed linen, or popped inside a bedside drawer the lavender will keep treasured garments delicately perfumed for years!

Each dream pillow is individually made by hand and packed full of the highest quality British lavender buds, just a gentle squeeze will refresh the lavender for longer lasting natural perfume.

Gift box available, please see separate listing and add to your order. 



Filled with British lavender buds
Natural unbleached 100% cotton cover
Bag measures approximately 12 x 12cm
Sold individually