Stars Lavender & Wheat Large Heat Bag


Let the warmth and soothing aroma of lavender ease aching muscles and help you relax with this extra large heat bag.

Handmade in cotton linen and filled with our own blend of British lavender and wheat. Lavender and wheat make the perfect combination - wheat has the amazing ability to absorb heat or cold quickly and release it evenly while lavender is well known for its calming fragrance. 

Simply heat in the microwave then place on aching joints or muscles for natural soothing relief. This heat bag has been designed to fit across the lower back to help ease back ache, it works equally well across the tummy to relieve stomach cramps and menstrual pains. If you prefer, curl up on the sofa, give the large heat bag a cuddle and enjoy its prolonged warmth.

The heat bag can be popped into the freezer and used as a cool compress to soothe sprains and bruises along with bringing instant relief to hot flashes during menopause. As our heat bags are 100% natural they can be used for pain relief and relaxation during pregnancy.

Heating/chilling details supplied.


Filled with British lavender buds and wheat
Cotton linen, combining the coolness of cotton with the softness of linen, 100% natural with an attractive irreular appearance to the weave
Measures approximately 45 x 18cm
Supplied wrapped in tissue ready to give as a gift
Each item is individually handmade therefore the design on the fabric will vary in position
Sold individually